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Ayiopreneurs advertise their services on AYIO in their own name and on their own behalf. The Ayiopreneurs confirm that they are providing the services they are offering on AYIO in their own name, on their own behalf, as an independent entity and at their own financial risk. The Ayiopreneurs also confirm that they have the necessary skills and competencies to perform the advertised services and that the services offered will remain in full force and effect until they are deleted. It is against this background that these general contractual terms and conditions govern the relationship between AYIO and the User and between AYIO and the Ayiopreneur.


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We find no independent fault on the part of the West Baton Rouge Parish School Board, although it is vicariously liable for Mr. Ayio’s negligence. April went to get her books and testified “I set my books down and I told I was going to hurt her.” However, at this point April apparently moved back to the front of the bus and told Mr. Ayio that Fatonya was threatening her. Mr. Ayio then got up and put both Fatonya and April off the bus. When Mr. Ayio got back on the bus to move it, Fatonya pulled April by her jumper, threw her on the ground and jumped on her. After Fatonya got up, April testified that she started swinging and hit Fatonya, getting one good lick in her face and causing Fatonya’s face to bleed.

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Update your free CareDash profile and make it stand out to millions of patients searching for doctors and healthcare services. Legal services; security services for the protection of property and individuals; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals. On February 18, 1987, the West Baton Rouge Parish School Board passed a resolution suspending appellant, Milton ayio, without pay from his position as a tenured bus operator, based on various allegations of incompetency. The resolution also authorized the Superintendent of Schools to proceed with formal charges against appellant. Following a hearing on March 25, 1987, the Board terminated appellant’s employment, after which appellant filed a petition in district court for judicial review of the Board’s decision. The district court ultimately rendered judgment upholding the Board’s decision and appellant now appeals. I concur in the majority opinion to the extent that it vacates the award of damages for loss of earning capacity.

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If you feel this information is incomplete or incorrect, you can submit corrected information. Charlette Ayio has indicated that they offer telehealth. Contact the office to check for eligibility for your needs. The cases linked on your profile facilitate Casemine’s artificial intelligence engine in recommending you to potential clients who might be interested in availing your services for similar matters.


art. 2324 as it existed at the time of April’s accident, Mr. ayio and the West Baton Rouge Parish School Board are liable for 50% of April’s damages, including medical expenses. Fatonya, who purposefully stomped upon April’s ankle hard enough to break it, was larger than Mr. Ayio, who was 5′11″ tall and 160 pounds. We note that testimony at trial established that Fatonya pounced upon April swiftly and fiercely, and a teacher standing a few feet away was unable to stop the fight before Fatonya broke April’s ankle. Even if Mr. Ayio had not left momentarily to move his bus and had stood only a few feet away from the girls, his presence might not have deterred Fatonya from beating on April any more than the presence of several nearby teachers did. Based upon the facts of this case, we find that Fatonya was 85% at fault for the injuries to April and Mr. Ayio was 15% at fault.

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Mr. Ayio testified that he could not handle Fatonya, because she was larger than he was. Mr. Ayio put April and Fatonya off the bus and stood between them on the sidewalk. He then told them he was going to call the principal. He stood there and called for a teacher to go tell Mr. Washington, the principal, to come out to the front of the school. We have found no cases, and the plaintiff has pointed out no cases to us, wherein a child safely disembarked from a bus, was then injured by another child who had been on the bus, and the “common carrier” doctrine was applied. We do not believe that the “common carrier” doctrine applies to this scenario. The normal burden of proof in a personal injury case is upon the plaintiff.

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The User must have a valid credit card stored in the profile in order to approve a quote for a service. The User confirms by successfully adding a credit card, that he/she is allowed any liable to use it and the payment information are correct. As the operator of , AYIO is providing its best efforts to keep the platform with all its functionalities for Users and Ayiopreneurs stable. AYIO undertakes appropriate and suitable advertising and marketing measures to promote the internet platform. Furthermore, the Ayiopreneurs shall be obligated to protect the password they have been assigned when using the Human to Human business platform from being accessed by third parties and to ensure that the password is kept strictly confidential.

  • Please refer to clause 3 services provided by AYIO for more details.
  • Furthermore, the Ayiopreneurs shall be obligated to protect the password they have been assigned when using the Human to Human business platform from being accessed by third parties and to ensure that the password is kept strictly confidential.
  • Users of the internet platform can request to see their stored data at any time and can inspect, amend and delete this data themselves at any time.

Before liability can be imposed upon a school board, there must be proof of negligence in providing supervision and also proof of a causal connection between the lack of supervision and the accident. Further, the risk of unreasonable injury must be foreseeable, constructively or actually known, and preventable if the requisite degree of supervision had been exercised. Said differently, educators are required to exercise only that supervision and discipline expected of a reasonably prudent person under the circumstances at hand. Obviously then, the failure to take every precaution against all foreseeable injury, ․ does not necessarily constitute negligence. Adams v. Caddo Parish School Board, 25,370, 631 So.2d 70, 73 (La.App. 2nd Cir.1994), writ denied, (La.4/29/94), 637 So.2d 466.


Creating a unique profile web page containing interviews, posts, articles, as well as the cases you have appeared in, greatly enhances your digital presence on search engines such Google and Bing, resulting in increased client interest. Interact directly with CaseMine users looking for advocates in your area of specialization. To recommend your web site/blog for inclusion on this page, please submit a link to the user-contributed directory at Genealogy Today. Your web page may appear once its content has been reviewed by our editors. The article “Looking for John Smith – Focusing a Query” provides some valuable tips for posting successful Ayio queries. For the foregoing reasons, we set aside appellant’s suspension without pay and award him the wages he otherwise would have earned during his period of suspension from February 18, 1987, until his termination. Since the record does not establish the amount of these wages, this matter is remanded to the district court, which is hereby ordered to receive evidence enabling it to make this determination.

If the financial transaction cannot be successfully processed, the acceptance of a service won’t be successful. Confirms the User her/his satisfaction by clicking on “Accept Service” Button, the User gets immediately asked to pay for the service delivered. The user can use the credit card stored or add another card.

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The User has now 24 hours left to accept the service provided, if a User is not able to check the service results within that time frame, there is augmented reality app development an option to extend service acceptance by 48 hours. If the service outcome is dissatisfactory there is a one-time option to ask for improvements.

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