As you prepare for competition, you need to concern yourself

need concern

to learn to adjust your training accordingly.



When I first came to the United States I already had plenty of

size, so I began to concentrate on detail training.

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I developed a

more sophisticated program with additional exercises which included a lot of isolation movements for each of the important

pectoral areas.

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Experts like Vince Gironda gave me a lot of ideas,

and so I went from simply having huge pecs to having a first-rate,

quality chest development.

Each time I competed I learned something more.

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Gradually, I

mastered all of the training principles outlined in this bookfrom the Stripping Method to forced reps and so on.

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And I learned

from competitors like Serge Nubret, Frank Zane, and Franco Columbu that it takes a lot of dieting and, especially, endless hours

of posing to give the chest the totally finished, muscular and

defined look.

I have always gotten good results finishing off my chest workout with a tri-set-for example, a set of Cable Flys, then Dips,

followed by Cable Crossovers anadrol and winstrol This pumps an enormous amount

of blood into the area and forces you to go all out at the endrather than pacing yourself and taking it easy-to make you hard,

defined, and competition-ready.

As you prepare for competition, you need to concern yourself

with even more specific details-things that you would hardly

notice at other times suddenly become major weak points.

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need concern

example, I have seen bodybuilders hitting a side-chest pose and

showing striations in the inner pecs, but not farther up on the

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